How to enable A/B partitions in Jetson Xavier AGX?

Hello :

1,I want 2 depoly a A/B partition on EMMC,How to config the BCT?or …?
2,In the doc from “Linux Driver Package” it says : MB1 load BCT fail,will load recovery image.So where is the recovery image stored?

hello edwardlu,

you need to create an SMD image by using nv_smd_generator,
after that, please execute nv_update_engine on the target to enable/disable redundancy feature, and redundancy settings.
here’s developer guide for your reference, Bootloader Update and Redundancy.

Thanks JerryChang.
And so,this suppose to be a condition,I must have a 64GB size EMMC?
Because the image is about 32GB.

that’s correct,
please also see similar discussion thread, Topic 139810 for reference,