How to enable Cuda 4.0 on Ubuntu 11.04? Cuda 4.0 on Ubuntu 11.04

Hi, all:

How to install Cuda on Ubuntu 11.04?
I grabbed nvidia-common, nvidia-current, nvidia-cg-toolkit directly from Ubuntu 11.04’s repository.
I think these are just nvidia drivers, version 270.41.06-0ubuntu1 .
Current most recent nvidia drivers version is 270.41.19 .

Hence, I didn’t replace the default driver 270.41.06 from Ubuntu repository by the new 270.41.19 .
And I directly downloaded and extracted GPU Computing SDK, say, “gpucomputingsdk_4.0.17_linux” .

However, does that mean I successfully installed Cuda 4.0 ??

I tried , but I failed to replace the nvidia driver !!!
In addition, is gcc-4.4 a must?

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Alright, gave up installing cuda manually.

Now, following