How to enable cuda with pytorch, running on a jetson nano 2gb device

@damgaarderik pip install torch just installs the CPU-only PyTorch wheels on PyPi, those were not built with CUDA enabled. See this thread below for PyTorch+CUDA wheels, although we provide them for the standard version of Python and CUDA that come with JetPack (and for JetPack 4, that’s Ubuntu 18.04 and Python 3.6)

For other versions of Python, you would need to rebuild PyTorch from source. Instructions are included in that thread, but again it’s tested in a normal JetPack environment and you may encounter issues building it in a non-standard environment.

Since you performed a custom upgrade of your device to Ubuntu 20.04, before proceeding I’d also recommend that you make sure CUDA is still functional for you (by running some samples from the CUDA Toolkit lik