How to enable/disable NIC Rx


My computer has two Ethernet ports(ConnectX 5 EN) for receiving data, and each port has an open socket. The sender also has two Ethernet ports, and they are synchronizing and transmitting the same data.

Based on my understanding, when a UDP socket is open, incoming data is accumulated in the socket buffer. However, I want to be able to receive the same data from the sender at my convenience.

How can I disable and enable the receiving (Rx) of the network interface card (NIC) in my application S/W?

My O/S is Rocky Linux 9(x86_64) and NIC device driver is ‘MLNX_OFED_LINUX-5.8-’.

Thank you.

Not sure your requirement.

There is no way control NIC HW TX/RX.

But there are many way control TX/RX flow on software side.


iptables, tc, ethtool -N/-U

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