How to enable dol-hdr on LI-IMX334-MIPI-CS

I am specifically looking for some help from Leopard Imaging. I’ve been trying to enable dol-hdr feature on a LI-IMX334-MIPI-CS from Leopard-Imaging. I followed the nvidia’s sensor driver programming guide and added a device tree, as I posted in other topic: How to set DOL-HDR correctly?

As I mentioned in the other topic, I always get a CHANSEL_SHORT_FRAME error. Would you mind providing me with instructions on how to go about implementing DOL-HDR feature on LI-IMX334-MIPI-CS?

Hi jong-in.byun,

Here is an example for how to add the DOL HDR mode. Please check if it helps.

Thank for your reply, Simon.

I have tried a number of times based on the sensor driver programming guide. However, imx334 sensor’s DOL-HDR output does not seem to be following the example of the link above.

Would you have further insight and/or instructions on the current topic?

Hi jong-in.byun,

Do you have this document (IMX334_AppNote_DOL_E_Rev2.0)? You can get the register settings of the IMX334 DOL HDR mode from this documents.
This documents can be asked from Sony after you sign NDA with them.