How to enable DRAM CA_ODT?

Hi, NV Dev team

We are using JTX1 for the evaluation of our LPDDR 4 products,
I want to enable CA_ODT of DRAM, but TRM is difficult and I do not understand well.
Is there a good way to enable CA_ODT of DRAM from registers or from outside?

Thank you

Hi majin, you can refer to EMC_ODT_WRITE_0 in TRM.
Are you using Jetson TX1 module? There are internal DDR, how do you evaluate external LPDDR4 products?

Hi, Trumany.

Thank you for your reply.
I will give it a try.

We are using JetsonTX1 Development Kit.

We remove heatsink,LPDDR4 parts.
We are replacing the device with our product.

We understand NV doesn’t support not validated DRAM.