how to enable en-vdd-cam-1v2

Hi, There

I’m using a device tree similar for leopard image imx185 but my camera module does not have on board 1v2 so I’m using tx1’s which is defined in tegra210-jetson-cv-power-tree-p2597-2180-a00.dtsi

en_vdd_cam_1v2: regulator@209 {
compatible = “regulator-fixed-sync”;
reg = <209>;
regulator-name = “en-vdd-cam-1v2”;

gpio = <&tca9539_77 3 1>;

in my camera dt file
dvdd-supply = <&en_vdd_cam_1v2>;

however in the after boot I cannot communicate with my camera’s i2c and after measure it’s core vdd I found there is no voltage.
and in the kernal log I found below

en-vdd-cam-1v2: ; Rail OFF
en-vdd-cam-1v2: disabling

does anybody know what disable the 1v2 vdd?

BTW, I noticed both jetson TX1 devkit camera module and leopard image imx185/172 module provide their own 1v2 instead of using TX1 gpio provided 1v2, is there some specific reason we need to do that?


BTW, I switched to en_vdd_cam_1v2_alt and got power, not sure why en_vdd_cam_1v2 doesn’t work.

I think you need to enable it by your sensor driver power_on function.