How to enable force-aspect-ratio for nv3dsink

Hi Nvidia,

There’s no ‘force-aspect-ratio’ property in nv3dsink.
But our product needs it.
So how to support it in nv3dsink source code?

We can see the property in xvimagesink. May refer to the source code of xvimagesink and check if it is possible to port similar code to nv3dsink

You may also try to set pixel-aspect-ratio in caps before nv3dsink and after a rendering plugin:

... ! nvvidconv ! video/x-raw(memory:NVMM), pixel-aspect-ratio=1/1 ! nv3dsink

Hi Honey_Patouceul,

Thanks for your advice.
I tried your proposal.
But after pipeline is launched, if I manually resize the window, the image would be scaled automatically instead of keeping aspect ratio.

Hi DaneLLL,

Is there any available solution?
Or will Nvidia add this property in future release?
Yes, I can look into the source code of xvimagesink to see if could could be applied to nv3dsink for the moment.
But I don’t want to spend effort on maintaining Nvidia plugins in the long run.

There is no plan currently. We have the plugins open source so that customers and users can check and customize the plugin for specific use-cases.

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