How to enable Mellanox drivers for VPP in Ubuntu 20.04?


apt update

apt upgrade

Then, install the following packages:

apt install make git cpp gcc libssl-dev libmnl-dev libnuma-dev net-tools rdma-core nasm

git clone -b 20.09 GitHub - FDio/vpp

cd ~/vpp

make install-dep

make dpdk-install-dev DPDK_MLX5_PMD=y DPDK_MLX5_PMD_DLOPEN_DEPS=y

Next, copy the Mellanox library to the /usr/lib directory:

cp /opt/vpp/external/x86_64/lib/* /usr/lib/

Then, make the deb packages that will later be installed:

make pkg-deb vpp_uses_dpdk_mlx5_pmd=yes DPDK_MLX5_PMD_DLOPEN_DEPS=y

I have followed this process for enable the Mellanox drivers in VPP but I am still unable to see the drivers in VPP

when I do #show interface’s in VPP

so How to enable Mellanox drivers for VPP ?

please can anyone help me this issue