How to enable pcie1 fo Xavier NX

We designed carrier board for NX. But the pcie to sata bridge to PCIE1 can not b recognized. How to config to enable PCIE1?
kernel.log (62.1 KB)

Is the “PCIe to SATA bridge” present in the carrier board that you have designed? If yes, which controller is it connected to? I’m not sure which controller does it mean when you said ‘PCIE1’. If you are referring to the C1 controller, I’m afraid the C1 controller is not used in NX design. Only controllers C4 and C4 are used.

FWIW, I hope you are not mixing NX and AGX here. AGX does have an on-board PCIe to SATA bridge and is connected to the C1 controller.

We use controllers C4 on NX module, this problem is resolved.Thanks.