How to enable spidev on nano?


We know there are 2 SPI lanes on nano.
Before we can enable spidev on tx2 by adding the following to DTB, and reflashing:

spi@0 {
      compatible = "spidev";
      reg = <0x0>;
      spi-max-frequency = <0x1312D00>;
      nvidia,cs-setup-clk-count = <0x1e>;
      nvidia,cs-hold-clk-count = <0x1e>;
      nvidia,rx-clk-tap-delay = <0x1f>;
      nvidia,tx-clk-tap-delay = <0x0>;

Now, we use the same way on nano, but failed.
So, how to enable spidev on nano?


Hi arknights,

Please refer to: