How to enable SX6012 running eth-single-switch profile with vlan filtering in L3 mode?

bind-point rif

no bind-point rif

Changes the ACL table bind point from L2 port mode to L3 port.

The no form of the command resets this parameter to its default.




switch (config mac access-list my-mac-list)# bind-point rif

SX6012 [standalone: master] (config interface vlan 85) # ipv4 port access-group test

% Access-list [test] doesn’t match binding point.

SX6012 [standalone: master] (config ipv4 access-list test) # bind-point rif

% Unrecognized command “bind-point”.

bind-point rif is nt supported for SwitchX based systems. Only Spectrum 1,2,3 Systems.