How to enable Sync between Creo and Omniverse


Right now all I can do is open the project in Omniverse create from Creo software. Any changes made in Creo don’t reflect in Omniverse (unless I relaunch a new session from Creo). What am I missing? I launched Omniverse Connection through localHost.

Hello @ronbubl! Let me send this over to the dev team for more assistance! Are you using the “Omniverse Connection” option to connect to your localhost?

Hi Wendy - yes I am.

I installed the connector and have creo 8 both on windows 10 machine.
i do not see the Omiverse tab in creo

Hi Juan,
Which Creo 8 version do you have installed? Creo 8.0.0 or newer?
After Creo connector installation is done, you should see a new shortcut on your desktop called “OmniCreo8.x.x”
Please use this shortcut to start Creo. If Creo is open you first need to load some Creo data to see Omniverse tab.
Please let me know if this worked out.

I’m using Creo 10. It looks like Creo connect only supports Creo 7 and 8. Any chance to get the connector api/plug-in updated to support Creo10. Or any suggestion for a workaround?

We will add support for Creo 9 and 10 in the next release.

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Can you share a timeframe?