How to enable the "Actions" column when clicking Stack Trace from the Correlation Pane in

Hi all,

I’ve followed the instructions step-by-step from the tutorial (link below), but the column labeled “Actions” (appears at the 9:30 mark) doesn’t show up when I click stack trace (the first column is "Address).

This column should contain a button linking from the stack trace to the source code. Any suggestions as to making this column appear?

I’m using Nsight 3.1 VSE with Visual Studio 2012 Pro and CUDA 5.5.



With Nsight 3.1 VSE, we removed the ‘actions’ column because other than opening it in the editor there was not much ‘action’, and it was taking space. Instead, this pane now behaves like the Visual Studio call stack, where you can double click on each row to open the file.

Let me know if that works for you.

What should I be clicking on, rows listed in the stack trace? This isn’t taking me to source code.

Forgive the ignorance, I’m new to Visual Studio as well as CUDA…


Hi I’m having a similar problem. Stack traces don’t get resolved for me. It’s like that night is not loading symbols as it should. I’m using CUDA Toolkit 6.5 and I’ve tried using VS2010 and VS2013 but give me the same issue.