How to enable the ATS capability of CX7 VF?

I’m using CX7 VF for P2P purpose in virtual machine. Somehow the VF’s ATS capability status is always disabled.

The configuration steps are like following:

  1. Enable CX7 ATS_ENABLE and reset it to show the ATS capability
  2. Create VFs
  3. Bind VF to vfio-pci and start the virtual machine
  4. Check the ATS capability status on host and guest, both are disabled status

Same way works with PF. Did I miss sth here?


I don’t think it work with VFIO.

Thanks Xiaofeng with your response.

Could you please explain the reason why CX7 VF can’t be used with VFIO? As far as I know, older IB cards(e.g. CX6) can support this feature pretty well.

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