How to enable the pcie3 of orin nano

Hi Team

I have connected a wifi module to the pcie3 of the orin nx but its not getting detected.

If I connect the same module to a different pcie of orin Nx its getting detected. Is there any specific steps to be done to enable the pcie 3 of orin NX

By detection i mean device getting detected in lspci

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Dear Mr JP,

pcie@141e0000 { /* C7x1 node */
                status = "okay";
                phys = <&p2u_gbe_0>;
                phy-names = "p2u-0";

        pcie@140c0000 { /* C9x1 */
                status = "okay";
                phys = <&p2u_gbe_1>;
                phy-names = "p2u-0";
        };  ```
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