How to enable USB communication between AGX and NX

I’m designing a carrier board which have one NX and one AGX, and two board connected by USB connection via PCB trace in board, my question is can RNDIS binding to USB 2-1 instead of USB 2-0 (both device mode )? and is there any guideline to enable RNDIS_HOST on NX Tegra Linux system? Thanks in advance.

There is only one port which can run in device mode. If you have proper design on the custom board, you can refer to adaptation guide to modify device tree and change to USB2-1 port.

For RNDIS_HOST, do you mean USB tethering? There is an issue about it on r32.3.1:
Android USB tethering not working - #28 by DaneLLL
It is fixed in latest r32.5.1.

Hi DaneLLL,
Thanks for your information, good to know only one port can be device mode and RNDIS can binding to any device port, today USB2.0 IPC works fine now. But new issue is USB3.0 doesn’t work, any hint to bring up 3.0 between NX and AGX? thanks in advance.