How to enable USB2-2 on Xavier NX


We should use2-2 port for LTE Module.
Our LTE Module has USB to serial port.
So, we just connect it with USB port from Xavier NX Module.

I tried next things :

  1. tegra194-p3668-common.dtsi (11.7 KB)
  2. \kernel\kernel-4.9\drivers\usb\serial\option.c => option.c (125.1 KB)
    Added in option.c :
   /* AMTelecom products */
   #define AMTEL_VENDOR_ID                               0x1ECB
   #define AMTEL_PRODUCT_ID                              0x0205
   { USB_DEVICE(AMTEL_VENDOR_ID, AMTEL_PRODUCT_ID) },                         /* AMTelcom AMM574 */

But it doesn’t work.
And this is the log file. => log.txt (7.6 KB)

Please, check it.

We have guidance for hardware design and software pogramming. For hardware design, please check:
USB2-2 is pin # 121 and 123.

For software programming, please check adaptation guide

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It was kernel build issue.
I’ve got device node from usb2-2.

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