How to enable & use BOOT_CHAIN_SELECT in JAXi

Right, I would like a bit more clarification on it…

For BOOT_CHAIN_SELECT, you mention backup or default bins… are those the A/B slots, that include MB1 BCT partitions and others like CBoot, etc? If not what?

Now is BOOT MODE SELECT the selection of boot device either by strap GPIOs or fuses? If not what?

If you could answer my question about the strap values that select each boot device, that would be great.

I could imagine setting eMMC as it was on the JAX-noti, and still setting QSPI as per JAXi… hopefully changing boot device will do the right thing and boot properly from either of those. That would be ideal.

I am not very familiar with JSPE (I take JESP is a typo?) software… other than it takes over a few GPIOs I2C and SPI buses, and can be talked to externally, and seems that we can recompile its software and add some little snippets, that are exemplified in some wiki about it (Jetson Sensor Processing Engine (SPE) Developer Guide: Welcome). The migration guide seems to suggest that it can be told to go ahead with boot or stop it due to some health sensor signalling a problem…

I have seen claims that JSPE manages the BOOT_CHAIN_SELECT GPIO. We will try and test the A/B selection too.

I have also seen some references to A/B selection using SOC_GPIO31 and SOC_GPIO41 in some BootROM descriptions about drive-os… I assume it might apply to any JAXi, but we will test about it too.

If you could clarify a bit all that, it would be great.


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