How to enable WiFi 5G USA country code on TX2

Hi, NV.
I am using the Jetson TX2 and trying to set the USA country code but found that it does not support 5G channels such as 149,153,57,161,165. Can NV solve this problem,or have other firmware support for these channels?

That firmware setting is a legal requirement. There is no possibility of receiving support for altering the legally available channels. In order to make available other channels you would need to use your own add-on 5G manufactured for that region of the world.

Historically, earlier Jetsons had different firmware depending on what part of the world they were shipped to (different regions). Eventually I think this was simplified and only the subset available to all of the regions was set.

Hi daniel_lin,

This question has been discussed before.

I’ve confirmed that we cannot change the channel or power table of built-in wifi. If you want to use these channels, please use your own wifi module.

You can refer to Jetson TX1-TX2 OEM Wireless Compliance Guide for more information of channels supported:

Sorry for inconvenience.