How to encrypt the video


I have a camera connect to Jetson nano. and I am using gstreamer to stream out the RGB and depth video via rtsp server. can I encrypt the video prior to send out ?

We don’t have hardware engine for encrypting video. You may look for software solution.

thanks. any recommendation for the software encrytion ??

We don’t have experience on this usecase. May need other users to share experience/suggestion.

I’ve not done this, but if you are essentially producing streaming output from a web server, then just use https+SSL.

GstRtspServer supports tls and has examples. I am not certain but the aes cpu extensions do exist on Tegra boards and may be used automatically for this.

You could also probably use nginx as a reverse proxy, however I can find no good insructions on how to do this so you’ll have to read the documentation to set it up. Warning: this is probably the more difficult option of the two, but also more secure.

Here is how you can convert to a HLS stream. You can probably find some HTTPS nginx boilerplate to combine it with.

In any case you should have some existing knowledge of how to set up TLS, which is hard.

You could also use a srt sink, but i’m unsure of how secure it is. Make sure to consult with a reputable security professional before deploying anything.

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great. thanks mdegans and all. will try these

Yw. There may be other network sinks worth exploring. Gstreamer has a ton of them. Sounds like you have some work ahead of you. Have fun!