How to ensure USB3.0 only interfaces without USB2.0 support

Hi, we are designing one carrier board which wants all USB3.0 enabled. We understand that there are 3 USB2.0, and 3 USB3.0 available. For some reason, 2 USB2.0 are already used: usb0 are mandatory for recovery, usb1 is used to connect one usb2.0 device. So, my understanding is we can’t support standard USB3.0 since the signals VBUS/D+/D-/GND for USB2.0 are already taken. Can we just use SuperSpeed differential pair to force using USB3.0? Thanks.

It is not validated on TX2 and we don’t recommend that even seems it is workable in theory.

@Trumany, so to state that 3 USB3.0/USB2.0 support, actually, maximum we can only have 2 USB3.0/USB2.0 = 2 “Standard USB3.0” support, is that correct? since USB2.0 usb0 is mandatory for recovery already…

What’s your question in real? There is a USB lane mapping in OEM DG, please follow that for how many ports. The usb3.0 port without usb2.0 pins is not validated.