How to entry the terminal of recovery mode?

we do this:
Put the target device into reset/recovery mode.

  1. Power on the carrier board and hold the RECOVERY button.
  2. Press the RESET button.
    and we use a usb cable connect the jetson and our host pc,
    we lsusb and find the device 0955:7c18
    how to entry the jetson terminal to do next step?

hello 172999935,

you’re able to flash the board while the device is putting into forced-recovery mode.

FYI, recovery mode implies shorting the recovery pins (one is ground) while either turning on power or resetting power. You don’t need to hold the short, it is like using a shift key on a keyboard to get a capital letter.

The should have been installed by running SDKM. It will be at:

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