How to evaluate TK1 parameter...

can you please tell me how to calculate sensor [bmp280]speed performance using the tk1 board to store data in SD card?

How can I calculate the speed of operation of tk1 board and performance?

Is there any documentation of tk1 board to calculate various parameters of a tk1 board.

How can I predict the performance of TK board w.r.t to Cameras and sensors?

Thanks in advance

Please more specific.

Hello Shane,

I am finding out if I connect cameras or any sensors to the tk1 board.
How much energy consumption is taken by sensors, processors, or how to calculate sensor speed w.r.t to tk1 board.
how to evaluate performance characteristics of tk1 board. Is there any tk1 manual for measuring a different parameter.

Thanks in advance

For the sensor you need ask sensor vendor for the detail information.
For the Tegra that’s depend on what use case how much component be involved.