How to execute cuda programs?

Hi everyone,

I have installed the CUDA Toolkit with the NVIDIA SDK(2.2) on Ubuntu 9.04, but I have faced some problems in compiling and executing some of the sample programs in the project folder(MonteCarlo example)…
anyone has an idea how to compile and run these examples with nvcc compiler(by the way I’ve got GPU on my computer)

Thank u in advance

Susan, if you get the help you need, I’m happy for you.

But honestly, I don’t know why anyone would spend the time necessary to answer such a question.

Come back after you’ve read:

Can you explain further what you’ve tried and what error you get?

Letharion: ESR’s smart questions essay is completely true, but seldom helpful as a response to a question, even a vague one. :)

That is probably also completely true, but still, if I had a forum, it would be required reading :P