How to exit Bootloader Shell Mode?

When I start the xavier dk, I am not sure what I did. The device enters the bootloader shell mode. I think this is a boot interface? How to quit? Is it possible to restart xavier directly? Thank you


That looks not normal… please re-flash your board again.

Hi waynewww,I asked other engineers. They may have used the wrong power supply to power the Xavier DK or the frequent power failures during the device startup process caused this problem.
I have restarted Xavier DK, but it is still stuck on this interface. After that, I reloaded the SDK manager and it failed.
I’m still stuck on this interface.
What is the reason?What can I do to solve this problem?
Many thanks


Please dump the flash log from both device side and host side.

If you don’t understand what I mean, please read this page first.

We will use the log to check what is the exact problem.


I’m having exactly the same problem on my NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX. Can you give me some support on what was the root cause of this problem and the solution?

Please file a new topic and tag me. We don’t use old topic to track new coming issue.

Hi WayneWWW, thank you for your quick response. I’m not opening the new topic as the problem solved by just taking the Jetson NX module from our prototype and powering it on standalone… I’ll do some more tests and if I reproduce the problem I’ll open a new topic.

You are talking about your custom carrier board?

No. My prototype is an NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX module integrated within a plastic case with some cameras, sensors and power supplies connected to a battery module. The module was powered with 12V when the problem happened for the first time, then I changed to the 19V adapter provided with the module but the problem still happened. Then, I took the module from the plastic case, I disconnected all the sensors and powered it with the 19V adapter and It’s working again… Maybe it was some overheat problem…

So it is still a NX developer kit? Honestly, I don’t know what “plastic case” you are talking about. Honestly, this does not matter…

There are only two kinds of boards. Developer kit and non-developer kit, which we call it custom carrier board…

Yes, its the NX developer kit

I got this “error”! Unfortunately don’t have much in the way of useful diagnostic information, but I see this happening with a seemingly faulty custom carrier board.

This may not be a hardware problem. You can try to flash your board with sdkmanager and it shall work.