How to expand Giga Ethernet, HDMI in AGX Orin

Question about AGX Orin Hardware implementation.

  1. How to expand Giga ethernet up to 4 Giga ethernet and one 10G ethernet?
  • In Devkit usage MGBE implementation for 10G is implemented by using UPHY_TX/RX6_P/N port

  • Other UPHY_TX/RX7,8,9_P/N can be used as 10G ethernet also to expand GigaEthernet?

  • These UPHY_TX/RX7,8,9_P/N also can be used as Giga Ethernet by using AQR113C-XX-I?

  • Should I implement 4 Giga Ethernet by using PCIe to Ethernet (Ethernet controller: WGI210AT_QFN-64)?

  • Can I have information to implement this solution by using a PCIe port?

  1. How to expand HDMI ports from one to two HDMI ports?
  • In Devkit usage HDMI has one port, how to expand an additional HDMI port?
    ** Devkit usage: HDMI_DP2_TX0,1,2,3 for one HDMI port ***
  • Should I expand the USB-C type to expand HDMI by converting USB-C to HDMI?
    (I want to have information for this solution with reference schematics)
  1. For MGBE, only UPHY6 can be used. For Ethernet design, please refer to the Chapter Gigabit Ethernet in Design Guide.
  2. For HDMI design, please refer to the HDMI Connection Example in Design Guide. Other kind of designs are not validated.

I want to know is
1. MGBE (10G), only UPHY6 can be used,
I understood this.
UPHY7,8,9 can be used for 1G Ethernet?
I need 1 10G and 4 Giga Ethernet port, one 1G ethernet can be supported with RGMII.

in the “Design Guide”, only one HDMI is supported.
I understood this.
If I design two(2) HDMI ports (not one port), then should I design another additional HDMI with another method?
for example, by using a “USB-C to HDMI” converting circuit, additional HDMI can be designed?
I want to have information about this additional HDMI implementation method.

Thank you

I suggest expanding networking via PCIe. Look here:

As said, for other designs that are not included in Design Guide, we have no recommendation since that are not validated.

Thank you for your help.

I didn’t have a solution for adding another HDMI port and I am asking if the signal below can be used again for the solution to add one HDMI port.


In orin Dev. Kit, the upper pins can be used as another additional HDMI port?
(HDMI_DP0_TX/RX[3:0]_N/P, and DP0_AUX_CH_N/P, DP0_HPD)

Thank you

As said in DG: Orin module supports a standard DP 1.4 or HDMI™ v2.1 interface. They share the same set of interface pins, so either DisplayPort or HDMI can be supported natively.

Dear Trumany,

Above signal pins, I sent captured attachment assigned as “RSVD” in orin Design Guide.
Do you mean these pins also can be used as another HDMI port?
I already used HDMI port as below picture.

Can I implement 2 HDMI ports?


No, only the pins you choose can be used. The RSVD pins can not be used.

The Orin itself can only support one HDMI port, not two.
Do you mean I must use another solution to implement two HDMI?

If I want to make another second HDMI, I should design another way for a second HDMI.
But the second HDMI is not recommended since that is not validated by NVIDIA.
Please recommend me the way if you have an idea for making two HDMI.
Because I can’t proceed with the CAD anymore due to the issue of adding another HDMI to the new project Hardware.


We have no suggestion on this. For Orin, only one port is available. Maybe you can check if it is possible to use a switch for that.

But the second HDMI is not recommended since that is not validated by NVIDIA.

It is not “we don’t recommend it”. It is Orin only has one display supported.
There is no other kind of solution we can provide.

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