How to export extrinsic results using calibration-qt tool?

I’m trying to do extrinsic calibration for a single gmsl camera using the calibration-qt tool provided in driveworks. I’ve tried to follow the instructions presented in NVDIA_Driveworks_Calibration_Tool.pdf, but during the run I got 2 questions.

1.What do the preliminary calibration results mean?
(They’re printed out in the log window when press Extrinsic Calibration button.)
In my case, they’re printed out in the log window as shown below.

cam2world[0]: t=[-3.56026, 0.127279, 0.862624], q=[0.523277, 0.476596, -0.501412, -0.497618]

t, q?

2.When Extrinsics is exported as an XML file, only the settings other than the calibration results are stored in the XML file. (for instance, masterCameraRearAxleCenterX, masterCameraRearAxleCenterY, markerVerticalHeight, and unitSize).
How can I export the preliminary results?

Dear iskim,

It is a translation and quaternion.
Primarily because it is difficult to get a calibration target that is large enough. Thanks.

Thanks for your response.

I have one more question about it.

You mean t denotes the translation vector, but what is the starting and ending point of the translation in this case?

Is it the displacement from the marker to the rear-axle or from the marker to the front-camera?