How to fetch the frame meta data in custom bbox-parsing (parse-bbox-func-name)?

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For Yolov5, there is a custom bbox-parsing configured in config file. I hope the info from frame meta data could be accessed in some way. Any suggestion for that? for example, the scale ratio or dimension of frame input?

Yeah, we can access the model output layer info and network info, please check nvdsinfer_custombboxparser.cpp, there are many customized post process parser for your reference.

yes, I have viewed these source codes, but didnt find some meta data like width/height info of the original input frame, only the network width/height. could you help me further?

Right, we don’t provide width/height info of the original input frame in customized post process parser function. But you can access the info in gstnvinfer_meta_utils.cpp -> attach_metadata_detector.