How to find the TX1 SW/HW errata document ?

Hi Guys.

Our customer needs the TX1 SW/HW errata documents.
Where should I download these files?


Alleen Wang

Almost all documents are available with either the specific L4T release download, or here:

Beware that you may need to log in to this latter URL prior to being able to see it…you may need to click on it, log in, and then click on it again.

PS: I don’t see any “errata” other than for a TK1. However, there are dates on most references, e.g., the Technical Reference Manuals, so they do get updates at the same time as L4T releases…they just don’t directly state this. If you have some particular item you wish to track you may want to ask on forums for details on documents for that one topic.


All errata are now published on Jetson Download Center: