How to finish (Jetson SDK component) to flash Jetson Tx1


I would like to install throught the SDK management the OS and the SDK component on the Jetson TX1. I could flash the OS but to flash the SDK component i had first to “complete the unbutu “System configuration wizard” on the jetson TX1”
My question is how i could do it. When i connect a screen on the Jetson i could see some logs

[ ok ] "Started Run anacron jobs
[ ok ] "Started Network Manager Script Dispatcher Service

  •  2 of 2) A start job is running for the End-User configuration after initial OEM installation (Debconf UI)

But i don’t know how to configure the name and the password? Is it by default unbutu for the name and unbutu for the password?

If it is the case why i had on the manager the ùessage " cannot connect to the device via ssh"

Thanks for yours respons


SSH requires both network to exist and the account to be completed. Was the monitor connected during the flash? Is the monitor an ordinary HDMI computer monitor?


Thank you for your response. Yes the monitor HDMI was connecting during the flash. By reseting the board jetson Tx1, the OS is launched and i could defined the password and the account name. So after this, by ssh i could access to the board with the name ad the password and finish the installation.