How to fix ap-get in Xavier

I wrongly installed the aptitude to my Xavier, apt-get was not availabe for me now. How can I reinstall the apt-get?

Do you see package “apt” if you run command “dpkg -l | grep apt”? It is package “apt” which provides “/usr/bin/apt-get”. Normally I would say to use “apt” to install or reinstall a package, but if a “.deb” package is available, then you might be able to use “dpkg” directly.

If it turns out the package is still present, but the file is missing, then you can instead simply copy it over from the sample rootfs as an ordinary file copy (this may still require an update if the version of package on your system is more updated than the one from the sample rootfs).

If you need to use the sample rootfs, then you’d need to know which L4T release is currently installed (see “head -n 1 /etc/nv_tegra_release”).