How to fix "call to cuInit returned error 999: Unknown" error


I have the same issue that this user in this post: What is "call to cuInit returned error 999: Unknown&quo.

I dont have any compilation problem, I compile with this: pgc++ -fast -acc boxcount4d.cpp -o boxcount4d.

I run the program and it begins correctly but a time later ( I think it is when the openACC area starts) I get this error:

Failing in Thread:0
call to cuInit returned error 999: Unknown.

I have tried the answer of the previous post but it didnt work. When I run pgaccenlinfo I get this error:

CUDA Driver Version: 9010
No accelerators found.

I’m working in Ubuntu 20.04 and the cuda version is the following.
Cuda compilation tools, release 11.2, V11.2.67