how to fix IDE


I am trying to start developpement with cuda. I am not familiar to c dev. I try to use netbeans the eclipse then visual c++ express but I never find the way to configure any of them correctly. The cuda is running fine

Is anyone could give me a step by step handbook to configure on one of those properly

I am on vista 64
I am using eclipse ganymede or netbeans 6.5 or visual studio c++ express 2005 sp1 vista


If you look in the Windows XP forum, there is a wizard that you can download to set up the environment variables for the CUDA projects. However, I couldn’t ever properly get them working on my XP x64 box.

I’ve been told that the final release of CUDA 2.1 will have a much better installer and better integration with Visual Studio.

Just open an SDK sample in Visual Studio, and start from that. There’s even a sample called ‘template’ just for this. I can’t remember if Express is supported, though.