How to flash customized BSP through network?

We have a customized Orin Nx carrier board, and have some patches for it.
I can flash the image succefully by usb cable when Orin NX is in recovery mode.
Is it possbile to reflash the customized image through internet ?

Hi jb035.cheng,

What kind of patches do you want to apply?

You could refer to the following instruction to use image-based OTA to update your board through putting your update package to the board through network and trigger the update.
Software Packages and the Update Mechanism — Jetson Linux Developer Guide documentation (

About the patch.
For example, we need to enable the uart1, and set the USB0 from otg mode to host mode.

How to setup the OTA server for ours customized image, is it a web server ?

You don’t need an OTA server for image-based OTA.
You should generate an OTA update package and put them to the board through network and then trigger the update through reboot.

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