How to flash customized kernel-dtb using bootburn?

I’m trying to build the Drive 10 AGX kernel provided in the sdk with some extra kernel modules and then flash it to the my Drive AGX Xavior. I’ve followed these two guides for building a flashing kernel and then for using bootburn:

The bootburn command I use is including A_1_kernel A_1_kernel-dtb and A_1_ramdisk. The result of the bootburn command is from what I can tell successful, and if I log in to a serial terminal after the flashing I can see that it indeed has loaded my newly built dts. But when I run a tegrarecovery x1 off and then tegrareset x1 to get the tegra up and running again it still uses the old dts when booting.

What am I missing? Is there some other guide I should follow?
Best regards

Hi @marten.kjellssonv9ibr,

May I know which dtb file you replace with your new compiled one? Could you try with replacing ~/nvidia/nvidia_sdk/DRIVE_Software_10.0_Linux_OS_DDPX/DRIVEOS/drive-t186ref-linux/kernel/tegra194-e3550-0001-b03-A-linux-driveav-vm1.dtb?

Could you share your detailed steps? Thanks!

You can also refer to “Compiling the Kernel (NVIDIA DRIVE Linux)” doc in previous release ( This should be what you need.

Thank you for your answers VickNV, I realized I was only replacing the flashing_base as per the documentation for “building the flashing kernel”. When I actually replaced all the dtb files it worked as intended.