How to flash Jetson Nano(eMMC Edition) in Windows10

Hi, Nvidia!
In our case, our product will be in “Mass Production Phase” in few weeks, and we need to flash Jetson Nano(eMMC Edition) in Windows10.
We know how to flash Jetson Nano in Ubuntu-18.04 with the help of But these engineers in our production line can not use Ubuntu-18.04. The operation system they can use is the Windows10, and they hope that we can provide the flash method in Windows10.
As for Jetson Nano Developer Kit(SD Card Edition), we can flash it in windows10 with the help of the software “balenaEtcher-Setup-1.5.53”.
But how can we make an “*.img” file with our customized u-boot.bin, dtb, Image, rootfs? And how to flash Jetson Nano(eMMC Edition) in Windows10?
Thank you very much!
Best Regards!


Unfortunately, there is no method on Windows to flash emmc module.

So far, nvidia does not provide any method to flash on Windows host, even the mass flash tool is on Ubuntu.