How to flash kernel and rootfs without micro USB?

I have tried to use TX1. All was fine before upgrade linux to fit JetPack 3.0.
USB is not working. Also Ethernet is not activated. I saw several issues in this forum.

But my status is little-bit different.
micro UBS port was broken because of physical shock. So, I couldn`t re-flash anything.
Just console is alive. In the u-Boot, I checked ethernet status and tegra-pcie describes link 0,1 down.

Is there any way to flash on u-boot using SD Card or USB storage?

Flash requires the micro-B USB port. If you simply need to change the root partition, then this can probably be achieved with a rescue SD card. However, upgrading to a new L4T version may not work because there are many hidden partitions on the eMMC which are also flashed when going to a new L4T version, and the hidden partitions may not be compatible with the new rootfs. It isn’t guaranteed, though it is possible it will work.

If you can RMA this is definitely the way to go. If traces are still in place where the connector broke off, then it is possible to put a new connector back on with a hot air rework station, but this requires significant skill (it’s surface mount with traces under the connector which is difficult to work on without harming the board).

If you are still interested, then you will want to test a rescue SD card, and a serial console would be nice (along with accepting that the module could become unreachable without flash if something goes wrong…the process is long and not guaranteed). See:

Are you interested in building an SD card for rescue?

Thank you for information.

I gave up to fix USB now. I have a lot of interest in SD boot for rescue. I also use serial console to see u-boot now.

I am confusing that I still don`t know how to build rescue SD Card. Because I everything of jetson tx1 had been changed to jetpack 3.0 using “apt-get~”.

Do you have solution to build rescure SD Card? All solution for SD card what I searched is “cloning” from working jetson board. I would like to find the way to set-up rescue SD boot.

It isn’t too difficult. This will get you started:

Note that the above URL refers to R27.1, but the procedure is the same on R28.1…the downloaded file names will differ. Under R28.1 (JetPack 3.1) both a TX1 and TX2 use the same sample rootfs, but a different driver package. Under R27.1 you will only see TX2, and under R24.2.1 you will see only TX1. If you have a choice I suggest rescue under an R28.1 SD card. Here is a listing of versions you can download:

When looking at various files and documents it may be useful to know a TX1 is a tegra21x series, the Jetson TX1 is specifically a tegra210. A TX2 is a tegra18x series, the Jetson TX2 is specifically a tegra186. So if you see references to tegra210 it is a TX1 reference, if you see references to tegra186 it is a TX2 (meaning you can ignore TX2 for your case).