How to flash the 10g AQR113c mac address?

The 10g ethernet mac address in my several Orin som boards are all the same (48:B0:2D:95:2C:15)
so I want to reflash new mac address separately.

I saw this topic that Nvidia will release the flash tool, can anyone tell me where can I download it?


As I know, the mac address is read from the module eeprom. Is this your custom board or devkit?

And sorry for misleading that … there won’t be any tool for that. I will delete the comment on that topic…

Hi WayneWWW,
I have both custom board and devkit, and 5 pieces Orin som for testing.

Hi @jakelin

Could you test all 5 Orin SOM on devkit and share me the boot up log?
Also dump ifconfig eth0 result in the log. Thanks.

Hi WayneWWW,
Could you check the format is ok?
then I will share others log later.
dmesg1.txt (70.4 KB)


No, I didn’t mean only the dmesg. I mean the boot up log from UART because I need to check the bootloader log + dmesg too.

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Hi @jakelin

sorry for one more request. please directly boot up those modules and dump the eeprom content.

sudo i2cdump -y 0 0x50

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som_devkit.log (88.3 KB)
som_1.log (75.1 KB)
som_2.log (78.9 KB)
som_3.log (97.2 KB)
som_4.log (75.5 KB)

thanks. Could you also share the 2nd,3rd… modules?

So I need modify the mac address in the 0x50 eeprom, the problem will solve.


I still need to check every eeprom on your SOM. So please dump them first.

Please do no modify them at this moment.

Sorry. Just saw your update. Let me check.

Thanks, I found only the mac address devkit som and som1 are the same, others are different


It depends on you if you want to change it. My point here is the MAC address on the production module shall not be same…

But I don’t guarantee the devkit SOM.