How to flash the OS to external eMMC

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My development device is the customize carrier board that had a 64 GB eMMC on sdmmc3 with Jetson Nano module that had an internal 16 GB eMMC.

I used the basic flashing procedures to flash the OS to Jetson module’s 16GB eMMC after modified the device tree. The command as below:

$ sudo ./ <board> <rootdev>

Then I could saw the 64 GB eMMC was mounted on /dev/mmcblk1p1 after the device successfully boots to ubuntu system.

But our customer would like to flash the OS to customize carrier board’s 64 GB eMMC now.

I refer the below link but still no any ideas.

Is it possible to do that by flashing command? If yes, how to do that?

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You can check this guide

We moved our RootFS from EMMC to m.2 SSD with a script file ( I think, this file can help you.


please refer to the following discussion. The major steps are described. You need to adapt the instructions to your media storage.

Please keep in mind that in this case the componets that are being offloaded to a second media are the kernel and kernel device tree. The primary storage media can still be mounted.

Hi @mehmetdeniz & @mike_nv

Thanks for your all reply. I could copy the rootfs to external eMMC and boot the system from external eMMC successfully.

I still meet a problem. I had to modify the extlinux.conf in rootfs that at the Jetson Nono’s internal eMMC to changed that the device will be booted from the external eMMC.
But If I format the Jetson Nano’s internal eMMC. The device will not boot into the system.
Is it possible to flash whole image via basic flashing procedures likes below?

$ sudo ./ <board> mmcblk1p1

Please give me some suggestions. Thanks.

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I used this situation when I backed up the full system via (only internal EMMC)

@michaelwei9pt6c if you erase the content of the internal eMMC you will erase bootloader components, therefore the system won’t boot, as noted.

Hi @mehmetdeniz & @mike_nv

Thanks for your all reply. I got it. Thanks!

hi, could you share the speed test of external eMMC on sdmmc3? The sdmmc3 has only 4-data line.