How To Flash via NFS.?

Hello Friend,

We are using jetson tegra tk1 board and had filesystem version 21.2. We have stopped board on U-Boot.

We want to flash filesystem and kernel via NFS.

So can anyone answer me what are bootargs to pass to kernel for board up.?

I may be a bit low on nfs, but i believe that nfs requires an os in order to transfer files. Not only that, the flashing requires alteration of the boot sector, snd those files would be hard, if not impossible for any ftp/nfs client to use. Your best bet is to do flashing via usb or put a bootable drive in SD slot.

Do you really mean flashing the kernel and the rootfs over NFS? Or just boot them over NFS?

I think booting them (i.e. first loading kernel over network and then starting it with NFS rootfs) should follow generic U-Boot procedure and there’s nothing Jetson specific on it. There should be plenty of instructions in the net already.