How to flashing Image(not zImage) only on TX2 board?


I want to update only Image(not zImage) on TX2 board, after modify kernel code.

But i tried to flashing using so many times, but i always failed .

I just knew the way that push Image from host pc to rootfs of TX2 board like belows.

sudo scp ./out/arch/arm64/boot/Image nvidia@

plz let me know update only Image using script.


zImage was supported when still 32-bit, but when 64-bit came to life Image was used. This is a simple file copy to “/boot/Image”, no flash is required, but (explained below) changes to this in the rootfs subdirectory will be overwritten (but you can copy directly to the Jetson).

You’ll find the kernel path listed in “/boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf”. It’s best to preserve the original image and just edit a new entry in extlinux.conf, test using a serial console to select the alternate entry, and if it then works, make the alternate entry the default. It’s always a good idea before doing kernel changes to add an alternate entry for SD card as well so you can select an SD rescue with serial console if boot fails (SD card implies “root=/dev/mmcblk1p1”…serial console is required to select alternate/non-default entries).

During a regular flash the sample rootfs (with overlaying files onto it) is mostly what the final flash image is built from. The command line to does edit the kernel and device tree used, so some edits to “/boot” in the rootfs subdirectory will be overwritten…those files are taken from in the “bootloader/” subdirectory depending on options.