How to flush aon_echo/data_channel after reading the data(cat)

Hello, I am working on the communication CCPLEX to SPE(Sensor Processing Engine) via ivc channel. All configurations are done and It works fine now. To interface this communication efficiently i need to get some detailed informations about how it works. My questions are:

  1. In CCPLEX side(a Linux distro) i can read data from aon_echo/data_channel but the data remains in that file till SPE(FreeRTOS) side sends a new one. So if i keep reading data, i read the same data continuously. Is there a way to flush the memory after reading the data?
  2. Is there any way to get interrupt flag when data is received in linux based OS. I only want to read or check the data_channel file when the data is received.

In fact, if you track the code in CCPLEX and SPE driver deeper, you will find that communication is done through shared memory.
Current implementation (SPE <–> CCPLEX) is just a demo.
If you want to use that channel in product, you may have to add more logics, like defining a message structure, etc., to meet the real requirement.