How to follow section "2.3 Installing Mellanox Driver for FreeBSD" in the user manual:

The instructions to not align with the downloaded file - there is no mlx5_modules folder. I have tried guessing around but without luck. Also what about the* file ?

I want to compile a 3.5.0 version of the driver for FreeBSD 11.2.

I have setup a vm with FreeBSD 11.2 and also downloaded the FreeBSD 11.2 source files to /usr/src. I have downloaded the Mellanox driver 3.5.0 source files - and extracted the files. What is the right way to proceed?

Hello Kristian,

Many thanks for posting your inquiry on the Mellanox Community.

Based on you information, FreeBSD driver version 3.5.0 is not supported for FreeBSD 11.2. See the following link to the RN →

Supported FreeBSD version is 12.

As of version 3.5.1 our driver code is completely upstream, incorporated with the distribution. No need to install any additional driver s/w from our site.

Under FreeBSD 12.0 and with driver version 3.5.0, we do not experience any issue, when using the ‘’ script provided with the driver.

Lab output:

root@bsd-freebsd12:/var/tmp/freebsd-v3.5.0 # ./

Kernel build directory is /tmp/tmp.JkQBbgQe

Don’t forget to do ``make cleandepend && make depend’’

FLAGS=WITHOUT_OFED=YES KMODDIR=/boot/kernel SYSDIR=/usr/src/sys -m /usr/src/share/mk KERNBUILDDIR=/tmp/tmp.JkQBbgQe

The FreeBSD source tree is at /usr/src …

===> linuxkpi (clean)

===> linuxkpi (cleandepend)

===> linuxkpi (depend)

===> linuxkpi (all)

===> linuxkpi (install)

scripts/ibdev2netdev → /usr/bin/ibdev2netdev

scripts/ → /usr/bin/

scripts/ → /usr/bin/

root@bsd-freebsd12:/var/tmp/freebsd-v3.5.0 #

root@bsd-freebsd12:/var/tmp/freebsd-v3.5.0 # kldload -v mlx5

Loaded mlx5, id=7

root@bsd-freebsd12:/var/tmp/freebsd-v3.5.0 # kldload -v mlx5en

Loaded mlx5en, id=9

root@bsd-freebsd12:/var/tmp/freebsd-v3.5.0 # kldstat -v | grep -i mlx

181 pci/mlx

180 mlx/mlxd

7 2 0xffffffff82c1e000 3c060 mlx5.ko (/boot/kernel/mlx5.ko)

9 1 0xffffffff82c6b000 14200 mlx5en.ko (/boot/kernel/mlx5en.ko)

Many thanks,

~Mellanox Technical Support