How to format Jetson AGX Xavier? I have used the jetson before but I want to make it like new for a project, but I need to format it


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Please have a host PC with Ubuntu 20.04 to install SDK Manager to flash your devcie via JetPack 5.0.2.

Follow the steps at Install Jetson Software with SDK Manager. Put your board into recovery mode and flash it.

I installed jetpack 5.0.2 and it tells me that the BSP version is not compatible with my jetson, by the way I have the jetson xavier agx with 32 gb Ram.

Do you see there is a “EXPORT LOGS” button in the picture you shared?


Then click it and share full log to us… We don’t know what is going on by just one picture you attached…

I installed 5.0.1 and it installed correctly, is there any problem with that version?

This is just “DP” version which is developer preview version.

This version has been deprecated.

What do you recommend me to do?

Flash with jetpack 5.0.2… if you hit error, export full logs and attach here for us to check …

Which of the 2 versions of 5.0.2

please choose the first one.

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this time if installed well, but I notice that the jetson fan does not turn on and gets very hot, what can it be?

You can dump the serial console log.

Hi @WayneWWW , I have been configuring the minicom, but now I don’t know what to do.

Here is the minicom log.
logJetson.txt (138.4 KB)

  1. Your device still boot, but display somehow is dead.

  2. Are you using NV developer kit or some custom board from other vendor?

  3. If you hotplug your HDMI cable, will “dmesg” command print any new log or not?

  1. I don’t know if it’s because I didn’t have anything connected to the HDMI jetson, since I was using it on my desktop to do the monitoring with the minicom.

  2. I have the Jetson AGX Xavier developer kit I bought it on amazon.

  3. I did not try this.


If you are totally a new user to all these things and you cannot understand what I am trying to do here. Let me just clairfy

The purpose to dump log from minicom is to tell whether your board is able to boot or not. The result is it still can boot.

The rest issue here is your monitor is not able to show. Thus, please connect your HDMI back, dump the minicom log again. I will check the log.

Is it okay to understand above?

You can also try to think about more and try things by yourself too. No need to wait for me for like few hours to just do something you can easily try…
For example, just try things instead of telling me “I didn’t try this”.