How to generalize a repetitive curve pattern in machinema curve editor


I want to simulate a walking motion for my camera via the curve editor in machinema. For the vertical bounces of a natural walk I am trying to repeat a monotonous sin function for the z attribute on my camera translates in the curve editor extension.

Now, I have at least 300 frames and a single bounce happens through 20-25 frames. How can I make the curve pattern for the first 20-25 frames loop throughout the whole animation time?

Basically I need to control all of the curve characteristics. I need to define functions for it an all.
P.S. I can use the UI but it would be great if you can show me how to code it.


I don’t think we support anything like pre/post-infinity logic for our animation curves. You could achieve something similar with Value Clips in USD: Universal Scene Description: Sequencable, Re-timable Animated "Value Clips"