How to generate box location base on the frame weight/height in the postprocess api?

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I have a detector model that i want to use in deepstream. I checked the postprocess api like:

i found that in those api I can not get neither width/height of input frame nor the sacle factor, all the demo just get the location box based on the model input width/height, since I hand a sencondary model to do classifer , so How can I get the box location based on the frame weight/height ?

I also checked the code of deepstream-test2 which has sgie but without custom postprocess func. I guess deepstream will do the transform after calling the custom postprocess. Its’ right?

any useful info or hint for me ?

Sorry for the delay, you can refer gstnvinfer_meta_utils.cpp → attach_metadata_detector for how nvinfer pluin handle the frame info.

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ok, let me check, anyway thx!