How to generating PWM on Jetson AGX


I would like to generate 40MHz clock from the Jetson AGX PWM.
I haven’t found a proper tutorial for configuring the pinmux fot PWM, nor setting the PWM configuration.

I tried to follow the following:

But “sudo /opt/nvidia/jetson-io/” doesn’t launch the application.


hello ron.persky,

is there any failure logs for reference?
please check $ dmesg or $ cat /var/log/syslog.

Hi Jerry,

I succeeded changing the PinMux by changing Jetson_AGX_Xavier_Series_Pinmux_Configuration_Template.xlsm and running
I now have an updated tegra19x-mb1-pinmux-p2888-0000-a04-p2822-0000-b01.cfg file under /Xavier/L4T-bsp/bootloader

How can I flash the bootloader only ?

hello ron.persky,

it’s board configuration file to apply pinmux settings, please full-flash the target, you cannot update that individually.

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