How to get 5V and >10mA from Jetson Nano board


I’m looking for a solution to connect Jetson to a relay in the following link:

It requires 3 outputs from Jetson Nano:
1. DC+ = +5V constant high voltage rail value
2. DC- = ground rail
3. VSig = Signal Voltage that can provide either +5V or ground depending on the appropriate computed signal. This voltage has to provide at least 10mA current to enable it to trigger a dc voltage relay switch module.

I know the GPIO can provide enough Voltage but not Amp.
Is there any solution that the board provide?

Best regards.

Hope someone can share similar experience. As for nano interface, the product design guide in DLC has listed the requests/example for each type IO. If no one can fit custom request, an external device might be necessary.

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