how to get 720x576 resolution for hdmi out

Hello everyone,

We want to set 720x576 resolution for hdmi out. we don’t have hdmi out exposed on tx2. our use-case is to pass 720x576 hdmi out video to hdmi receiver chip.

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Hi shivlal12345, Please try with xrandr.

Hi vickyy,

I can’t run xrandr on tx2 since there is no hdmi out exposed. no monitor connected to it.


Isn’t it connected to a hdmi receiver chip? What’s different from connected to a monitor?

we have a tx2 board and an interface board. we have mounted hdmi receiver device(adv7611 decoder) on interface board and there is no hdmi out exposed on it. we want to directly transfer 720x576 hdmi video out to hdmi receiver device in order to convert it into PAL format.


You need to firstly check if tegra display controller detects your controller board or not.

Do you see any node in /sys/kerenl/debug/tegradc* ? If your interface board is compatible with tegra, you should able to see node as “EDID” under tegradc debugfs.